Friday, November 20, 2015

Task 3-Web Based Lesson Plan

Level : Intermediate-Advanced
Time : 2 Periods (70 minutes)
Form : 2
Language Focus : Adjectives (comparatives and superlatives)

Aims/ Learning Objectives : To enable the students to identify,and use comparatives and superlatives adjectives accurately.  

Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, students should be able to
1) Identify the function and rules of comparatives and superlatives adjectives
2) complete the worksheet by filling out the appropriate superlatives and comparatives adjectives and achieve at least 80% accuracy
3) Find and locate the comparatives and superlatives adjectives within the world interesting facts in the websites
4) transfer the comparatives and superlatives adjectives found in the website to class wikispace

technical requirement :
1) one computer per student
2) internet connection
3) web browsers

Procedures :

Set Induction (5 Minutes)
1. Teacher gives times for students to settle in the computer lab. Every student should have one computer each,
2. Teacher asks the students to turn on their computer and go to this link
3. Teacher tells students that they will play a quiz on the world interesting facts and asks students to be ready for it.
4. Teacher plays the quiz after every students have logged in in Kahoot.It
5. Teacher discusses the answers
...........- the hot water freezes.....faster...than cold water
...........- the "sixth sick sheikh's sixth sheep's sick" is said to be the ......toughest...tongue twister in English
............- The Earth is 0.02 degrees ....hotter... than normal season during a full moon.

6. Teacher asks students to recall the adjectives used in those three sentences.
7. Teacher tells students that they are going to learn about the new type of adjectives which is comparatives and superlatives adjective in world interesting facts.

ACTIVITY 1 (20 minutes)
1.Teacher asks students to read the online notes regarding the comparatives and superlatives adjectives. They need to go to this link

class wikispace

notes 2

2.Teacher explains the notes after the students have finished reading 
3. Then teacher asks students to play the video in this website
and at the same time they need to verbally identify the types of adjectives used in the dialogue.
4.Teacher distributes handout 1 to students and gives about 8 minutes for them to complete it
link to handout 1


worksheet 1

5. Teacher asks students to swap their papers with their friends.
6. Teacher discusses the answers and check students' understanding
7. Teacher explains more if the students need further help.

ACTIVITY 2 (25 Minutes)
1. Teacher explains to students that they will do another activity
2. Teacher asks students to form groups (3-4) per group but they can work independently in their own computer
3. once the students have selected their group members, teacher explains that they are going to search for world interesting facts using the web browsers.
4. Each students need to find four interesting facts and in these facts, they need to use 2 comparatives and 2 superlatives adjectives
5. Teacher asks students to open their class wikispace
link -->

6. Teacher demonstrates on how to do the activity.
7. Teacher gives 5 minutes for  each group to discuss among the group members
8. After 5 minutes, they need to go back at their own seat and start to search for the information
9. After all groups have completed the activity, teacher gives several minute for the students to look at other groups pages.
10. Teacher discusses students' work and gives feedback.

CONCLUSION (10 Minutes)
1. Teacher recapitulates lesson by asking students the function, rules and several examples of comparatives and superlatives adjectives.
2. Teacher inculcate moral values from what they have learnt today.

Using Powtoons or another movie maker program, students are required to create a simple video regarding 10 comparatives and 10 superlatives adjectives in any topics.

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