Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hola Everone =)

Assalamualaikum and a very good day everyone.. =)

ღღ Introduce yourself
~ I am Nurul Najihan binti Razali. People call me Jihan. I am actually from Tesl Twinning Programme (IPGKB-Uitm Shah Alam)

☻☻How would you rate yourself in terms of your computer skills and why? (e.g expert, novice, savvy, geek, illiterate etc)
~ In term of the computer skills, I rate myself as a novice learner as I do not have much knowledge in using these kinds of ICTs. Plus, sometimes it needs high-speed internet connection to do things and as far as I concern, my internet connection is always poor. Nonetheless, I love blogging and blogwalking 

ღღ What computer software and hardware knowledge do you have?
~ For software, I think I know Microsoft well. Other than that, I am familiar with Pdf readers, Photoscape and other Photo Editors, Players like Bs Player, Vlc, GOM etc. and for hardware I think I know some stuff like motherboard, Cpu and that's it. 

☻☻Have you experienced learning via the computer online courses, using couseware, websites etc)? 
~ Yes. I had gone through online course which is called FROG VLE while doing my practicum last semester.

 ღღ Did you try to incorporate technology in some of your kessons during your practicum? Was it a success or a faikure? If you did not what was/were the reasons(s)?
~ Yes. I had used videos in order to attract students' attention and I remembered that nt students seemed to enjoy my lesson. I used to teach components of English such as tenses via songs and literature via videos, I had not much opportunity to implement technology in lesson as our school has limited facilities, 

☻☻ What is your opinion on the use of computer/technology in language teaching?
~ I think every single teachers or educators should incorporate the use of technology in their teaching, World has evolved and students are no longer interested in traditional way of teaching which is chalk and talk where my students said that it is boring. Current generation has been exposed to the use of smart phones, gadgets and other technologies so why not we use the technology right? 

ღღ What are your expectations from this course?
~ I hope I can expand my knowledge in technologies as I realize that they have been regard as part and parcel in our current life situation. 

☻☻ What is the topic chosen for your Academic Exercise? Why have you chosen the topic? Who is your supervisor? How do you plan to complete your AE so that it follows the designated processses (chapter by chapter) and can be submitted on time?
~ The topic for my AE is " The Effect of Metacognitive Reading Strategy Used towards Students' English Achievement". My supervisor is Madam Hamidah and she had approved my topic and currently I am hoping that I will find time to edit and re edit my work so that I can graduate on time! Wish me luck!

That's all for now. Till we meet again =p

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